Hutch Hunters

WhisperMisterThe Sanctuary has been home for a while now for 2 very nervous but cute as a button rabbits; Mister and Whisper. Only just past their 1st birthday, these poor little chaps have already lived in 3 homes and because of this they have never settled or had the chance to build a bond with their owners. As a result, both are very nervous and jumpy. Whilst at the Sanctuary, they both love to spend time in the Rabbit Ranch outdoor run, enjoying the fresh air and running around enjoying each other’s company. For that reason they would be better suited to an outdoor lifestyle, rather than being cooped up inside.
Black coated Whisper is the more confident of the two and will pluck up the courage to come over to you and sniff your hand for a treat, whereas his little companion, ginger Mister is frightened of his own shadow and is startled by the slightest movement. They are both adorable little fellows who, forgive the pun, would come along in ‘leaps and bounds’ with an experienced, patient carer who could afford them the time and understanding for them to build their trust and confidence. If you would love to have not one Easter Bunny but two and you have the necessary skills to look after these special little men, please drop by the Sanctuary to meet them.

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