Adopt an Animal

Animal Rehoming
Every year we find secure, loving new homes for hundreds of animals. As well as rehoming cats, we rehome many other animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other small animals. Each animal that comes through our doors is assessed by our experienced team and our aim is to ensure that the right home is found for every one. 

On your visit to the sanctuary you will be shown our animals that are available for adoption. We will ask you questions about your home and family to enable us to assess the animals compatibility with your personal circumstances. Once you have found an animal you like, you will be asked to complete a reservation form. At the time of reservation a home visit is arranged and will be carried out by one of our trained volunteers. If potential adopters are not living in the area please call first to check that your location can be covered by our home checkers. Provided your home visit is successful we will then arrange for you to collect your new animal. We aim to complete the adoption process as quickly as possible.

Where cats/kittens are concerned our policy requires you to live at least 100 metres away from a busy or main road and not close to a railway line. If you live in rented accommodation then we require you to have written consent from your landlord/housing association. 

If you do not find a suitable animal on your first visit please make a return journey as new animals regularly become available.

Please Note: You have to be 18 years old or over to adopt one of our animals. 

Please consider the following before taking on a new pet:

  • Do you have the time to look after your new pet?
  • Will it fit into your circumstances or will you have to adapt your lifestyle?
  • Where will your pet go when you go on holiday?
  • Can you afford routine vet bills, vaccinations and pet insurance?
  • Can you commit to caring for your pet long term? E.g a cat can live for many years, in some cases 15 years and over.

Viewing times:
We’re open for viewings between 11:00am and 4:00pm every day except Thursday’s when the Sanctuary is closed to the public. We are open throughout all public holidays except Christmas day and New Years Day. Our staff will be on hand throughout your visit to discuss your individual requirements and will answer any questions you may have.

Adopting a cat
The cats in our care may have been found stray, there has been a change in family circumstances, their owner may have passed away or they may simply have been abandoned. Each cat is assessed when they come to the sanctuary to find out what they’re like and what sort of home, lifestyle and environment would best suit them. Animals that are adopted from a rescue environment need lots of patience, care and love to help them settle successfully into a new home. We aim to carefully match animals to potential new owners, and to provide as much information as possible about their background and behaviour to maximise the chance of a successful adoption. We do not normally rehome cats as house cats, unless they were already a house cat previously or there is a specific reason e.g. elderly/illness.

Where cats/kittens are concerned our policy requires you to live at least 100 metres away from a busy or main road and not close to a railway line and that kittens are not going to be left for more than 4 hours a day.

On admission all cats are monitored and health checked. Adopters will be made aware of any issues raised. The adoption of our cats includes full vaccinations, neutering, microchipping, worm & flea treatment and 4 weeks free Petplan insurance. Kittens in our care that have not been neutered will receive a voucher which will cover the full cost at our designated Veterinary Practice. In the case of an animal being on long-term medication it is the responsibility of the adopter to provide the necessary medication via their own vet.

We have many rabbits occupying our Rabbit Ranch facility. We have many different breeds, varying in size and personality. All of our rabbits will be neutered prior to adoption. Rabbits are sociable animals so we rehome bonded pairs or individual to live with another rabbit. If you’re interested in rehoming any of our rabbits, we will need to know the type of accommodation they will be living in. Preferably you will need a large enclosure with a run attached which is safe and secure. We will also complete a home check before the adoption to make sure it is suitable for the rabbits needs and large enough for them to live happily. We’re trying to promote a better deal for bunnies. Please feel free to talk to us for more information and advice.

If you’re looking for a pet that is quiet and requires little human interaction a ferret is definitely NOT the pet for you. However if you prefer an outgoing, roguish personality, you may be the perfect match for one other. Ferrets can live up to 10 years of age, but the average is 6 years. They’re sociable creatures who if they have been handled well when young, can make for great pets that can form a close bond with their human companions and will require lots of stimulation and toys. Ferrets are sociable creatures who like living in groups so they should ideally be adopted in pairs. Ferrets need a good amount of space in which to live so only consider a large rabbit house with separate sleeping quarters and never a small hutch. A shed is also an option with a multi-level tunnel to play in. It must also have been securely ‘ferret proofed’ to prevent them from escaping. A home check for your ferret will be arranged prior to adoption.

Small Animals
From mice and rats to gerbils, rodents have very different needs so it’s important to research what your particular small animals need. Prior to adoption of a small animal we will need to see the type of accommodation they will be living in. We would like to know either the dimensions or to be shown a picture to make sure it is suitable for the animal to live a happy life. 

Adoption Fees:
Our adoption fees rarely cover the full cost of the care and treatment your chosen animal may have received whilst at the sanctuary so we always welcome additional donations to help us continue our work and provide this care to more animals in need.

Cat Adoption Price £65 – All cats are fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and will receive 4 weeks free pet plan insurance.

Guinea Pig Adoption Price £20 – All Guinea Pigs are neutered

Rabbit Adoption Price £25 – All Rabbits are neutered

Ferret Adoption Price £25 – All Ferrets are neutered

Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils and Birds – we ask for a minimum donation of £5

There may be occasions when an animal appearing on the website has already been re-homed. We do urge you to visit as we always have many animals waiting for new homes. Reservations cannot be made over Social Media. We cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any animal once it has been re-homed. We reserve the right to refuse applications for adoption if we have reason to believe the home is unsuitable for the animal. The Animal Sanctuary cannot be held responsible for any health problems that develop after adoption so we highly recommend you take out a ‘covered for life’ insurance policy. 

*A note on Homechecks
We want to rehome as many animals as possible, however sometimes regrettably we have to fail a home check. We appreciate this is disappointing, but we try our best for the animals in our care who have fallen on hard times. Common failures regarding cat adoptions can be location or access. For rabbits and other small animals enclosure size or security of the enclosure. Please feel free to discuss these aspects with us before reserving an animal as often queries can be resolved at this stage and disappointments can be avoided.