Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)‏

As of the 1st January 2016, the Humane Education Society (HES) became a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) and have a new charity number, 1159571. The CIO is a new form of legal structure for non-profit organisations which was introduced in 2013, and provides charities with many benefits. HES in its present format has no legal identity, so any land owned, or contracts entered into have to be done in the names of one or more of the trustees.

This not only creates a lot of paperwork when trustees resign, but also means that the trustees are personally liable for any debts that the charity might incur (which makes it very difficult to find new trustees!). In order to circumvent these problems many non-profit organisations/charities are becoming charitable incorporated organisations.
As a CIO the Humane Education Society will be a legal entity in its own right and will own the Sanctuary land, employ staff and be able to enter into contracts. The trustees and members of a CIO will have limited liability. As a CIO we will still be registered with the Charity Commission and bound by Charity Law. Outwardly there will be no change to how the Humane Education Society is run, however, the charity as a whole will be far more secure, and far better placed for the future.