Corporate Sponsorship

Company participation is vital to our future. Your contribution will go directly to helping the Society strengthen its resources in the care of these animals and will help us to encourage the teaching of humane principles to children and others in the wider society.

We intend to lift the profile of the Sanctuary in the public eye, and as a Corporate Member we will be pleased to give your company exposure on our publicity materials. In addition, you are welcome to encourage your staff to participate in team building days and other events at the sanctuary.

You are invited to participate by joining us as a Corporate Member. Please contact us for more information. With your help this dedicated facility can stay open.

Current sponsors include:

Jollyes, Fallowfield
Pets At Home, Stockport
Pets At Home, Macclesfield
Pets At Home, Support Adoption for Pets
Sainsburys, Wimslow
Sainsburys, Cheadle
Selwyn Demmy
Station House Vets
Torkington Park Vets
Wilson’s Saddlery
Woodcroft Vets
Wright & Morten Vets
Armadillo Self Storage
Rapid Move