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martinThis month I focus on Martin, one of our smaller residents at the sanctuary. Martin is a handsome grey chinchilla who has been looked after by us for quite so time. .

Martin was found stray and was taken in by South Manchester Wildlife Rescue who brought him to us for rehoming. He is a very sweet boy with lots of confidence but he doesn’t like to be handled so he would need an experienced owner who can respect his needs and character.  Martin likes to lead a healthy lifestyle, playing in his cage and enjoying a nutritious, delicious diet of yummy greens and kale. As an indulgence he allows himself a treat of sunflower seeds and monkey nuts.

If you are interested in offering this little chap a home please come by the sanctuary to meet him.

Fmartin2lea says……Chinchillas make for great pets. They are very clean, sociable and intelligent creatures with unique personalities. They need a large cage equipped with a water feeder, shelving where they can exercise, wood stacks to play in and chew, hay racks they can nibble on and a cozy hut in which to sleep. Chinchillas also need a dust bath to keep their coats soft and clean, the contents of which must be changed regularly They also need to be able free to run around for at least 10minutes 2-3 times a week in a secure room to stretch


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