Leave a gift in your will

A Gift In Your Will Means Our Sanctuary Is Safeguarded. Rejected by their owners and with nowhere else to turn, very many animals have found a welcome here at the Sanctuary.

Elderly and infirm animals, often having endured a life of misery, before being rescued, can now spend their final years here in peace and security. As you may already know, we also go to great lengths to find appropriate new and caring homes for those animals who would benefit from a new start in life.

With homeless and desperate animals on the increase – and many needing veterinary attention, our work is as crucial today as when it was first founded in 1926. We do not receive any government or lottery funding, so we rely entirely upon the kindness of our supporters to continue our essential work.

Everyone at the Humane Education Society is committed to making the Sanctuary an even better place for animals and I would like to ask you to remember us by leaving a gift in your Will.

Your gift would mean you are leaving a lasting benefit to be enjoyed by very many animals in the future.

Why it’s important to make a Will
A Will ensures that your intentions are honoured after your lifetime. It can help you to protect the people closest to you and further the cause you care about. Even if you don’t consider you have much to leave, it is still important to make a Will. If you die without a will, your money, property or possessions may not be allocated in the way you would have wished, or expected.

What to consider in your will
First of all, you’ll want to take care of your family and friends and specify what you would like to leave to whom. It is also important to remember to make provision for much-loved pets in your Will.

The next step is to consider the charities you care about and whether you would like to leave a gift to help them continue their work in your memory.

Three different ways to leave a gift in your Will:

 – You can leave Humane Education Society part of the entire residue of your estate (the balance left after specific cash gifts, debts, tax and funeral expenses have been paid). This is a great way to support us as it keeps pace with inflation.
Pecuniary – 
A pecuniary legacy leaves a specific amount to the Charity. This cash sum can be of any size.
 – You might choose to leave a particular article to the Charity, such as a car or an item of valuable jewellery, which can then be sold to raise funds.

Not yet made a Will?
Contact your solicitor, or a local solicitor and make an appointment to discuss drawing up your Will.

Already made a Will?
If you have already made a Will, it’s simple to make changes to it. You can either add a supplement to your existing will, called a codicil, or, if the changes are quite substantial, it may be better to make a new Will. Either way, we’d always recommend that you engage a solicitor.

If you have decided to remember the Humane Education Society in your Will, our address is:
Humane Education Society (Animal Sanctuary),
Newgate, Wilmslow,
Registered Charity Number 207513.