Animals For Adoption


Margot is 1 and a half years old, she came to the sanctuary as a stray. She is microchipped but we unfortunately were unable to contact her owner. Margot is a very nervous cat and needs some time to settle, however in time we feel she will … Read More


Trigger is approx 5 years old and was brought into the sanctuary when a new baby arrived in the house which he didn't like. He is a very sweet boy who can be a bit shy but is lovely when he gets to know you. If you would like to meet … Read More


Gorgeous Teddy is 18 months old. He is a Snowshoe X. He came to the sanctuary because he we was unfortunately urinating in the house. Snowshoe breed cats are quiet highly strung, the urinating could be because he was stressed and unhappy … Read More

Alan Winkle

Alan Winkle is thought to be around 10 years old. He was a stray taken to Woodcroft vets after being involved in an RTA. He had suffered a broken pelvis from which he is now fully recovered. He was also suffering from dental disease and … Read More

Titan and Harley

Titan and Harley are around 3 years old. They came to the sanctuary¬† because they sadly didn't like the new baby in the household. They are currently adjusting to their new surroundings so they are a little timid but very sweet. All Titan … Read More


Everybody say hello to our new resident Ethel who is looking for a new home. She is 13 years old and is a British Shorthair breed. She came to the sanctuary as a stray and sadly no owner could be found. She is a very friendly girl who loves … Read More


Bernadette is 2 years old . Bernadette got pregnant and so her owners didn't want her any more. She is a chatty friendly girl who will let you know when she has had enough. She would be suitable for a home with older children who are used … Read More


Penn Male Age: 10 months (as of Dec 18) Date in: 29/11/18 We estimate Penn to be around 10 months old. He was rescued from a market but the people were unable to keep him. He is a little shy but gaining confidence. Penn will be … Read More


Esme is approx 3 years old and was found stray living in a shed. She is very friendly and when being fussed can give little "love bites" They don't hurt and aren't a sign of aggression but they may make you jump If you would like to meet … Read More


Fudge has lived here happily at the sanctuary for many years as one of our site cats. She has moved from being very shy and semi feral to a real sweetheart. Over the last year she has been bullied by some of our other cats and forced to … Read More