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Louis is 6 years old, he came to the sanctuary with his sister Lily because of a family allergy. Louis can be shy to start with but very friendly and affectionate once he gets to know you. Louis does have a grade 2/6 heart murmur but … Read More


Gary (3.5yrs) came to the sanctuary with Flour who was adopted from us at the beginning of last year. They were very much loved pets but the family were unable to keep them due to a change in circumstances. They are now on kitty corridor to … Read More


Flour (2yrs) is back at the sanctuary and she doesn't want to sit still for a photo! She was adopted from us at the beginning of last year and joined existing cat Gary. They were very much loved pets but the family were unable to keep them … Read More

Bo Bo and Po Po

Bo Bo & Po Po are 9 years old. They came to the sanctuary because their owners were moving and they were unable to take them. They are both very sweet cats but they are very frightened at the moment. They both need time to settle and … Read More


Merida is approx 4 years old, she was found as a stray heavily pregnant. She had trouble giving birth which lead to her being neutered and us having to hand rear her kittens. Generally she is a sweet cat but can have her grumpy moments , … Read More


Pipkin is only 8 years old and she has sadly spent the majority of her life pregnant! She was brought to the sanctuary heavily pregnant with her last litter in February. It was reported by her owner that Pipkin has given birth to around … Read More

Socks and Nuisance

Socks & Nuisance   Socks (2yo) and Nuisance (4yo) were both found stray on an industrial estate in Bredbury. They were being fed by local businesses. They are still both a little shy but do enjoy cuddles once they have … Read More

Whisper & Mister

Whisper and Mister are both 6 month old male Rex rabbits. They came to the sanctuary because they were not settling as house rabbits due to being used to going outside. Unfortunately their owner did not have the time to try and settle them … Read More


Gorgeous Keira is 12 years old. She can be temperamental and enjoys a cuddle on her terms. She is looking for a home with no young children or other pets. If you would like to meet Keira or if you’re interested in offering her a home … Read More


Carly is a dark tortie, she is approx 2 years old. She came to the sanctuary in April after being found stray heavily pregnant. She is currently a little unsure of her new surroundings and is understandably nervous. She needs lots of … Read More

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