Holly & Robbie

Holly and Robbie were very much loved outdoor rabbits who due to a change in their owner’s circumstances were surrendered to the sanctuary in February 2016. Aged 4 and 3 years old respectively they are beautiful, sweet, very friendly and quite independent, however they are not particularly keen on being picked up. Holly loves to dig and so requires enough space to indulge her playful instincts. Both enjoy a healthy diet of greens such as kale and spinach.

If you are considering giving a home to Holly and Robbie please call by to meet them and learn about rabbit care. There are some things to consider before re-homing rabbits, for example; they must be provided with a safe hutch in which to sleep that is a minimum size of 6’x2’x2’ and it must allow for them to stand on hind legs, hop easily at least 3 times and have a food area and toilet. An adjoining run ideally should be no less than 8’x6’ and be secure for them to run around and play. Adding toy tunnels and boxes lets them exhibit their natural behaviours.

Finally, rabbits are sociable and suffer from increased stress being alone, so if you are thinking about adopting a rabbit consider Holly & Robbie; they are already friends so no introductions are required and they are desperate to hop on the property ladder together.

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