Pipkin is only 8 years old and she has sadly spent the majority of her life pregnant! She was brought to the sanctuary heavily pregnant with her last litter in February. It was reported by her owner that Pipkin has given birth to around 100 kittens in her life!! 

Sadly her owner had not had her neutered because they were told this would ‘spoil her’. Pipkin has understandably been stressed in her new surroundings so may lash out when she has had enough fuss. Now she is beginning to settle she is showing her affectionate side. Pipkin is now looking for a quiet home with lots of love and attention for herself. We are confident that we will find her a wonderful new home and her life as a mum of 100 will be in the past. Pipkin is looking for a home with older children, no other cats but possibly a dog with a quiet personality.  

If you would like to meet Pipkin or if you’re interested in offering her a home please visit the Sanctuary or call 01625 520 802 to speak to our office volunteer or leave a message with your contact details so we can get back in touch with you.