The Animal Sanctuary

HorsesThe Animal Sanctuary provides a temporary home for cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small animals and birds which have been brought to us for a variety of reasons. All desperately need good homes which will allow them to regain confidence and recover from whatever trauma has brought them to us. Please contact the sanctuary for details or, to see some of the animals we have for re-homing, see the Adopting Animals page.

Our Residents

For various reasons we are not able to rehome some of the animals. These are given a permanent home with us and can be seen around the Sanctuary enjoying a safe and secure life. In addition to our resident cats we have horses, ponies, a donkey, Shetland ponies and a pig which are all popular with visitors. The rescued cockerels and hens can also be seen pecking and scratching around the site with the ducks and enjoy the freedom, care and attention they deserve.