The Animal Sanctuary


The Humane Education Society, also known locally as the Animal Sanctuary Wilmslow was founded in 1927. Originally rescuing ponies from the Lancashire mines, we now care for a variety of animals from cats and rabbits to ferrets, pigs hens donkeys and horses and many others.

Our active re-homing programme sees many of these animals found new homes but for those too elderly or unwell, we provide a sanctuary where they can remain cared for, safe, and secure for the rest of their lives.

The society strongly believes that educating young people and adults in animal care and welfare creates a more compassionate attitude towards all animals. We therefore provide work experience placements for schools, Duke of Edinburgh schemes and universities. Our staff and volunteers are also more than happy to talk to schools, brownie groups and alike.

The society is run by a number of trustees, a small staff and many volunteers. We run entirely on public donations and all money donated is used to care for our animals.

Looking towards the future the sanctuary requires constant work to comply with increasing welfare and visitor safety standards. The society has plans for the future and with sufficient finance will be helping animals and promoting humane principles for many years to come.